Terms of use

Information sources

Information about the offers on RestoRaids website is found in open sources: official restaurants’ websites, their social networks, on-site materials, submitted by users, shared by the restaurants’ representatives, etc.

Offers validity

RestoRaids editorial office validates all newly posted offers, but to no extent it is responsible for the relevance and accuracy of information, since restaurants can change the terms of the raids at any time in their sole discretion, which can not aways be constantly monitored. Before using any offer, announced on RestoRaids, it is recommended to clarify with the restaurant its validity and all conditions for its use.

Using the offers

RestoRaids is an information resource, the purpose of which is to inform about the restaurants’ offers. RestoRaids is in no way responsible for whether it was possible to actually use the offer announced on the project’s resources and whether all its conditions were met. Only the restaurant or the person, who announced the offer in this restaurant, are responsible for providing the offer to customers as well as for the compliance of all the terms of the offer.

Use of information

Copying, publishing, broadcasting and other ways of reproducing information from this site, including materials of the Telegram channel, social networks and  a private subscription, are prohibited. The use of the private subscription is allowed only on an individual basis. Sharing an account with an active subscription is prohibited. In the event of discovering such cases, access to the site, Telegram channel and/or raider’s subscription will be blocked without the compensation/refund for the subscription.

Getting RestCoins

Registration of fake accounts using a personal referral code is prohibited. The fake accounts will be detected and blocked, and RestCoins, assessed for the friends registration (including the real accounts), will be written-off. This may result in the cancellation of an existing subscription (if the unfairly received RestCoins were used for it) and the need to pay for the subscriptions, received previously in the same way.

Using the site, Telegram-channel, Telegram bot, project’s social accounts and a closed subscription means a complete acceptance of all the above conditions.

Privacy policy

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