50% discount when ordering 30 cm pizza for takeaway at Pizza Hut

🔛 Regular offer
📅 Raid expired
🍖 Discounted products: main course
🥡 Raid condition: takeaway
Pizza Hut Tsvetnoy bulvar, 11/2
Pizza Hut prospekt Mira, 26/1
Pizza Hut ulitsa Krasnoproletarskaya, 16
Pizza Hut ulitsa Zemlyanoy Val, 29/1
Pizza Hut ulitsa Spartakovskaya, 24
Pizza Hut bulvar Entuziastov, 2
Pizza Hut Krasnokazarmennaya ulitsa, 23
Pizza Hut Perovskaya ulitsa, 61A
Pizza Hut Veshnyakovskaya ulitsa, 18A
Pizza Hut ulitsa Leninskaya Sloboda, 17/2
Pizza Hut ulitsa Vavilova, 3, “Gagarinsky” shopping and entertainment complex, 3rd floor
Pizza Hut Krasnodarskaya ulitsa, 65
Pizza Hut ulitsa Borisovskie Prudy, 26/2
Pizza Hut Kotelniki, 1 Pokrovskiy proezd, 5, “MEGA Belaya Dacha” shopping center, food court, 1st floor
Pizza Hut prospekt Andropova, 23, “Kolomenskiy” shopping center, 2nd floor
Pizza Hut Luganskaya ulitsa, 10
Pizza Hut Starokachalovskaya ulitsa, 5A
Pizza Hut Simferopolskiy bulvar, 12/1
Pizza Hut Chertanovskaya ulitsa, 1G
Pizza Hut Novoyasenevskiy prospekt, 1/1
Pizza Hut ulitsa Vavilova, 72/13
Pizza Hut Matveyevskaya ulitsa, 2
Pizza Hut Yartsevskaya ulitsa, 19, “Kuntsevo Plaza” shopping and entertainment complex, 4th floor
Pizza Hut ulitsa Narodnogo Opolcheniya, 46/1, "Daria" shopping center
Pizza Hut Mitinskaya ulitsa, 51, "Tuk-Tuk" shopping center
Pizza Hut Tushinskaya ulitsa, 17
Pizza Hut Leningradskiy prospekt, 80/19
Pizza Hut Khimki, Yubileyniy prospekt, 36
Pizza Hut Golovinskoe shosse, 5, “Vodniy” shopping center, 3rd floor
Pizza Hut ulitsa Admirala Makarova, 6
Pizza Hut Mikhalkovskaya ulitsa, 4, "Baikal" shopping and entertainment complex, 2nd floor
Pizza Hut Petrovsko-Razumovskiy proezd, 16
Pizza Hut Butyrskaya ulitsa, 76
Pizza Hut Cherepovetskaya ulitsa, 12
Pizza Hut proezd Dezhneva, 23
Pizza Hut prospekt Mira, 123A
Pizza Hut Khabarovskaya ulitsa, 10/30
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