Promo codes

Promotional codes for food delivery are now in the Delivery raids section.

Here are our referral promotional codes for other services that we use ourselves, and can gladly recommend you:


Get a discount on each of your first 10 rides for registering with a promocode C3R4LSU:
— Moscow and Saint Petersburg — 50₽ off on each ride,
— Krasnodar, Ulyanovsk, Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Ufa and Krasnoyarsk — 40₽ off on each ride,
— Kazan and Nizhniy Novgorod — 35₽ off on each ride,
— Samara, Novosibirsk, Perm, Yaroslavl, Togliatti, Saratov and Engels — 30₽ off on each ride.


Get 500₽ discount on your first delivery by RP1201466 promocode.




For new users only: select payment by card, enter promotional code qnj2ifay — and get a 30% discount for the first 3 rides (no more than 250₽ overall).




Choose payment by card, enter GTIFZGN promo-code and get 150₽ for each of your first 10 rides.



Belka Car

Get a 300₽ discount on your first ride by entering GHWR6644 promo-code on registration.



Tinkoff Bank

Order a card by this link and get first 3 months with no service charges.




Register by this link — and get a 700₽ discount on your first cleaning.




Get 750 VkusLavs on your bonus account by entering VKLSP2174 promo-code at registration. 1 VkusLav = 1₽. You can pay up to 30% of your order with your bonus VkusLavs.




Enter uberhyi promo-code and get a 30₽ discount on your first ride.

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