Subscription to all new raids of the city

What is a subscription?

Subscription to all new raids is an alerting service, notifying about each new raid of the city, added to the website.

What are the alerting channels?

You can get new raids notifications via email or @restoraidsbot Telegram chat bot.

If receiving notifications via chat bot you can choose whether to receive them with sound or silently.

What is the alerting time?

You can get notifications instantly (from 8AM to 11PM) or once a day at the chosen time.

If receiving alerts once a day, you can choose a convenient time and get one message with all the raids, which were added during the last day. Please be aware that in this case some raids may already expire by the time you get an alert.

What is the language of the notifications?

You will get alerts on the same language as you use on the website — English or Russian. The notifications language will change once you change your language on the website.

Which cities are available for subscription?

Currently you can subscribe to all new raids of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Los Angeles.

How long does the subscription last?

The suscription is valid for 30 calendar days. After it expires its prolongation costs the same amount of RestCoins, as a current cost of a new subscription. If you’ve got enough RestCoins, the subscription will be automatically renewed.

How much does the subscription cost?

Moscow — 499 RestCoins ($7.5).
Saint Petersburg — 150 RestCoins ($2.2).

How can I pay for a subscription?

You can earn RestCoins by contributing to our raids database or by using the raids. Or you can buy them ($1 ~ 66 RestCoins). You can pay with a bank card, Yandex Money (Russian payment system) or Qiwi Wallet (Russian and CIS payment system) if paying on the website. Is paying via @restoraidsbot Telegram cgat bot, you can pay with a bank card.

How can I subscribe?

Via website

1. Sign up or log in.
2. Visit Subscriptions page of your Profile.
3. Click «Subscribe to all new raids» button.
4. Choose the city, which raids you would like to subscribe to. You’ll see the cost of this city’s subscription in RestCoins below its name
5. Check that the email in your profile is valid.
6. Share your phone number.
7. Proceed to payment via Yandex.

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