RestCoins — RestoRaids currency

What are RestCoins for?

With RestCoins you can get access to the «secret» and most advantageous raids without getting a subscription. The price for every secret raid is stated on its page.

How can I get RestCoins?

For reporting the raids:
5 RestCoins — for reporting a valid raid which is still not on RestoRaids,
+5 RestCoins — for the correct indication of the raid type (in a restaurant, event, for delivery, contest),
+5 RestCoins — for the correct indication of the terms of using the raid,
+5 RestCoins — for the correct indication of what the raid applies to,
+5 RestCoins — for the correct indication of the raid validity time and duration.

For raid reports:
5 RestCoins — a standard reward for a raid report,
5 RestCoins — for a post or a story with our tag in any social network,
10 RestCoins — for the report on the raid, which had no reports at all or had reports more than 3 months ago,
10 RestCoins — for the report on a secret raid, photos for which were intentionally taken in the wrong restaurant, not where the raid really took place,
0 RestCoins — for reports sent after the raid has expired or after a significant time after it.
0 RestCoins — for reports on the raid for which you have already sent a report that day.
Every Monday the author of the week’s best report (chosen by us) gets the amount of RestCoins, equal to the cost of Raider’s subscription of the city, in which his raid was executed.

RestoRespect: for reports of others on the raid you reported : Every time a user uses the raid you reported and sends a report on it, you get 5 RestCoins.

For the Guinness Record Contest: The user who has found the cheapest draft Guinness in the city receives RestCoins in the amount of the monthly subscription price and a glass of Guinness. Conditions:
— Only the draft Guinness in bars is accepted, not in cans/bottles and not in the stores.
— Guinness should be cheaper than the most economic offer at the moment (195₽ for 0.5 l, which is equal to 156₽ for 0.4 l or 218.4₽ for a real pint of 0.56 l).
— Guinness must be found within the Moscow Ring Road / Saint Petersburg Ring Road.
— A Guinness glass should be bought just by coming «from the street», without additional conditions (bring 100500 friends, buy 30 liters at once, pay with bonuses, buy something and get a glass as a gift, make a repost, pay the bartender, etc.)
— The price must be still valid at the bar at the time of checking the information by an unexpected raiding inspection.
— The contest is valid indefinitely.

For reporting the mention of RestoRaids in print media: The user who finds RestoRaids mention in a newspaper, magazine, digest, guide, TV program and other print publications receives RestCoins in the amount of the monthly subscription price.

For money: You can always top up your RestCoins balance for any amount at the currency rate $1 = 50 RestCoins.

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